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Eddie Murphy & Ben Stiller Film Tower Heist Releases Trailer!

Posted Jul 28, 2011

Finally, the Image Entertainment film Tower Heist has released it’s first official trailer!

If you have been following the story that we have been reporting over the past year and a half the film started out as an urban version of Ocean’s 11 and was supposed to have Eddie Murphy in the titled role. The film was also supposed to have an all-star wish list cast of comedians cast with others such as Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock in the lead roles with another hopeful wish of having Denzel Washington join the cast as the villian.

As with most films, this film changed shape dramatically by the time pre-production started and the Brett Ratner (Rush Hour franchise) film became more of a comedic spin on Ocean’s 11.

Murphy originally dropped from the film but he eventually came back and the film then became a Ben Stiller lead film also staring Alan Alda, Casey Affleck, Gabourey Sidibe, Michael Pena, Matthew Broderick and Tea Leoni. The storyline stays the same of building employees plotting to steal from their wealthy employer who defrauds them of their life savings.

Anyway, here’s the trailer;


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