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The Mo'Nique Show Is Gone- But For How Long?

Posted Jul 30, 2011

As we reported a couple of days ago, Black Entertainment Television decided to not bring The Mo’Nique Show back for the new fall season. We learned that the network decided to put an hiatus on the show, while not officially cancelling the show but “leaving the door open to any new opportunities” as said by a BET Exec who would not go on record.

Now, what does that mean you ask? We are not sure either, but we do know that there were issues with the cost of the show and there were other concerns about the show’s direction but not as bad as what was reported.

Anyway, in the last few hours we discovered that the show may not be on hiatus too long after all. We have discovered that there are several networks who have quietly stepped up to pick up the show and we are thinking that the show may land on another VIACOM channel (the parent company that owns BET). No official word of this yet but we are thinking that it may just land on VH1, especially after the surprise of the successful urban programming that they have with The Basketball Wives and  Single Ladies. Let’s not forget that VH1 is also launching another Basketball Wives- Los Angeles Edition, which is already in pre-production now.

At the end of the day, it’s all about viewers, and VH1 is steadily earning more and more urban viewers and we hear that they are quietly packaging more urban driven shows. SO there will be no surprise if The Mo’Nique Show lands there.

Anyway, here is our video edition of the Humor Mill New Break with our host comedian Stevie Mack as he gives you the latest news about The Mo’Nique Show and all of our latest news!

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