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DL Hughley Coming Back To Radio?

Posted Feb 14, 2011

We just discovered from a very reliable source that DL Hughley is about to come back to radio!

If you recall, Hughley officially ended his morning radio show on New York City’s WRKS (98.7 FM), better known as Kiss-FM almost two years ago, so this comes as a big surprise.

Hughley who launched the show on July 20, 2009, gave the station his resignation notice in July 2009  after having been embroiled in a peculiar behind-the-scenes battle after not being paid by the show’s owners after nearly six months of being on the air.

In January of that year, Hughley partnered with WRKS’ parent company, Emmis Broadcasting, and sued the syndication company URBan Radio, the actual owners of the ‘D.L. Hughley Morning Show.’

Then URBan filed a countersuit against Emmis, claiming that their contract was valid and WRKS owed URBan $800,000 in commercial time and 168 commercial minutes a week. The syndication company also sought $2.5 million in damages.

So now the dust has settled in the case and Hughley has now supposedly found a new potential syndication company that will broadcast his new show. No  word yet on what city the show will be broadcast from but the deals should be close to being final in the next few weeks.

Interested in hearing DL Hughley’s new show? Leave a comment below!

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