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Rumor Central- Katt Williams To Make A Comeback To Comedy?!

Posted Feb 15, 2011

In the comedy world we all know  that Katt Williams officially retired from doing any stand up performances almost two full years ago. As a matter of fact, Katt gave us an interview where he officially announced his retirement, even though Comedy Central was offering him MILLIONS to perform again on stage.

Well fast forward two years later, a gun charge, a breaking and entering charge in Atlanta and another minor court case behind him and we hear that things may have changed.

We hear from a very reliable source that Katt Williams is in the process of not only writing but also preparing to make a comeback to the stage.

If this is for real, Katt would be following up two tours that grossed almost a combined revenue of about 75 million dollars.

No official word has been heard back from his camp to deny this rumor, but word has leaked to us that this is happening.

Of course, as we hear about the developments of this story we will keep you informed.

Do you want to see Katt Williams again? Tell us your thoughts!

Here is the interview we did with Katt where he stated that he is retiring from stand up…

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