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EXCLUSIVE- Jamie Foxx Fight Details At Usher Event Revealed!

Posted Feb 12, 2011

We discovered from our sources the details of what REALLY went down in the altercation with Jamie Foxx and someone at the Usher event in Los Angeles that was captured by TMZ- and reportedly to have happened in Las Vegas!

We have the exclusive details!

Our source states that -as some speculation has revealed- Foxx knew the person he got into an altercation with. That part is true! It seems that Foxx got into the fight with a record executive (who will remain anonymous for this story) after tensions have been building up between the two of them for several months. This exec and Foxx had grown to dislike each other over small disputes as to which songs would go on Foxx’s next album and things of that nature for months. Things seemed to have been squashed. Fast forward to last week and even though their minot disputes had seemed to be over things, were never really settled.

Now when the Usher event comes along Foxx and the exec are having a disagreement at the club and after a so called playful exchange, the exec throw a real SUCKER punch at Foxx and misses him! Things get ugly quickly because Foxx is then forced to defend himself, throw a couple of punches in retaliation and before you know it the fight is over. But while its being broken up the exec BITES Foxx on his finger, a result of him wearing a band aide now!

As you can see it happened quickly and was separated even as fast as it happened.

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