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Keenen Ivory Wayans Preps Possible New Film Titled It Takes A Village!

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Word has leaked to us that Keenen Ivory Wayans is headed back to directing films with a new script titled It Takes A Village. We hear the film is now in pitch stages to CBS Films and Sony Pictures because they are both planning on purchasing it, with the option to shop it around or make it themselves.

We hear Wayans will write and direct the show which we hear is about a 30-something white single career-obsessed woman who decides on a whim to adopt a child from a South Pacific island. But she comes home with the tribe’s chief and seven elders until she proves she’s mommy material.

Wayans, who last directed the 2006 comedy Little Man, hopes to make this his next film.

The family theme makes the film a departure for Wayans. From his raucous sketch show creation In Living Color to his subsequent feature comedies, family-friendly meant lining the cast with his siblings. Here, Wayans sparked to an idea by Producer Todd Garner (of The Zookeeper fame), who recently became a father and was struck by the litany of mandatory child-rearing accessories–from car seats to baby-wipe-warmers–and fantasized about a stripped-down version of parenting. That led to what Wayans saw as a timely pitch, given the proliferation of single women who’ve recently adopted babies from third-world countries.

What even makes this film even more interesting is that we discovered from our sources at the trades that not did this deal come together quickly, but while it came together the planned White Chicks 2 film fell completely apart at Columbia Pictures. Our sources have not given us a reason, but they did mention that because of the stone walling they were doing to Wayans made him walk away.

Stay tuned for more info on this soon!

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  1. ComedianStevieMack

    This is how it gets done once you have a bankable track record in Hollywood

    I’m looking forward to another “White Chicks’ episode, that first one was hilarious… the second one…damn, I’d like to be in that one!

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