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Comedian Deon Cole Nabs Possible New Sketch Show On Comedy Central!

Posted Jul 20, 2010

We just discovered from our sources that comedian Deon Cole is about to throw his hat in the new sketch arena with a new show that may air on Comedy Central.

As all of our readers know by now, Deon Cole was featured several months ago because he was the first African American writer ever hired on The Tonight Show with Conan ‘O’Brien (to full time duties), and one of two to be hired in The Tonight Show history dating back to the original days of the late Johnny Carson. What separated Cole from others is that he was hired as an official writer for the Tonight Show staff.

Anyway, fast forward to today and we discovered recently that COle, in his new position was recently nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Writing For A Variety Music Or Comedy Series, his first ever nomination.  The staff was nominated for four Emmys in total, and they are all anxiously awaiting the envelop to see who will get the Emmy on July 31st.

It now looks like Cole is taking his new found success to new heights with a new sketch show for Comedy Central that will have a different spin on the sketch format as we know it. This show, titled Super Black, will be a reality type show about race relations where it highlights how we as people interact amongst ourselves from different races. The show is currently casting now to  film the pilot and the cast is said to be from all different nationalities to complete their new reality-sketch hybrid type of show.

As of this writing, the show has not been officially been picked up, but you can almost bet that if Cole and the staff win an Emmy it’s almost guaranteed.

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