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Jamie Foxx Launches New Stand Up Show, Taps Comedian Speedy New Host!

Posted Jul 12, 2010

We just discovered from comedian Speedy Caldwell that actor/singer/R&B artist Jamie Foxx is about to launch a comedy titled competition-styled show titled Standup, Standup with Speedy as the host.

Many of you may know Speedy as the host of his own titled show titled Speedy’s Comedy Corner on the Sirius XM Satellite Radio Network which is on the The Foxxhole Channel.

Well, Speedy has been writing and doing stand-up comedy for years and now he looks to take this show as host to a level that hasn’t been seen in comedy for years. For a different take on how the show is going to be with the new production company being launched by Jamie Foxx, check out the complete interview below:

Here is an interview with comedian Speedy Caldwell as he discusses hosting the new comedy show he will Host that will be produced by Jamie Foxx. The new show titled Standup, Standup will be a competitive show where the audience is set to pick the winner. Plus Speedy talks about hosting his radio show on Sirius on the Foxxhole, and how he landed there. Check out the complete interview!

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