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Cedric The Entertainer Completes Film With Tom Hanks Titled Larry Crowne!

Posted Jul 12, 2010

As we reported several weeks ago, it has now been confirmed; Cedric The Entertainer has just completed a film with legendary actor Tom Hanks for one of his pivotal dramatic roles to date.  The name of the film is titled Larry Crowne, and even though it’s billed as a dramatic film it will have its comedy.

We hear that the film is about a middle-aged man (Hanks) who loses his job and he eventually tries to reinvent himself by going back to college.

We also discovered that along with Cedric the film will also star Taraji P. Henson (who plays his wife), Julia Roberts and Pam Grier.

But the film that will probably be circled on Cedric’s calendar is the film he is planning on shooting with Director Lee Daniels titled Selma.

As we also reported several months ago, Cedric will be playing the part of Robert Abernathy in Selma during the civil rights marches that changed America during the 1960’s, and we hear that Daniels is looking to do for Cedric what he did for Mo’Nique and that is pull out an Oscar worthy performance.

Starring with Ced in that film is Hugh Jackman (in a role that is going to make America’s head spin as his role is also said to be so racist that folks will be stunned to see), Liam Neeson, and new comer David Oyelowo as the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

No word set for the release date of the film but it should be released in 2011, along with Larry Crowne which also has no set release date.

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