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New Netflix Series ‘Survival of the Thickest’ Is A VIBE!

Posted Jul 12, 2023

Don’t be the last one to the party! Trust and believe, you’ll want to check out this new Netflix series called ‘Survival of the Thickest’ dropping Thursday, July 13!

This series stars Michelle Buteau, Tasha Smith, and Tone Bell. First of all, this show is dope, as soon as the theme music starts! You know it’s going to be good, when the soundtrack is on point out the gate!

This comedy is so raw and offers such a fresh perspective on friendships, relationships, and self-love. You are getting a lesson on how to make yourself a priority and feel good about it at the same time! The storyline takes you from great laughs to touching on real-life situations at a moment’s notice. It’s the joy ride you didn’t realize you wanted to take.

Michelle Buteau is Mavis, a 38-year-old black, plus-size, newly single woman who is struggling to establish a career as a stylist. She finds herself having to start over, after discovering her world has been turned upside down by her cheating boyfriend, Jacque (played by Taylor Sele.) Buteau is a natural at adding a comedic spin to the real-life issues being addressed.  Her witty, quick one-liners, hit EVERY TIME!

Mavis’ best friend Marley is played by Tasha Smith. While Smith has always held her own in strong female roles – this is her in a way you’ve never fully seen her before. Her character Marley is a very well-rounded, well-established, executive who is supportive of her sister-friend who’s coming to grips with a heartbreaking ordeal. She’s not here for the games! She’s a boss and is that sister you want in your corner!

Comedian/actor, Tone Bell, who plays Khalil is bringing the funny, as only he can. He’s a very chill artist, and creative, who is not afraid of showing his sensitive side. Khalil is not allowing his best friend, Mavis, to host her own pity party! He is one of her biggest fans and is pushing her into being the best version of herself, and the iconic stylist he knows she’s capable of! He is also learning a lot about himself at the same time, when he meets fellow artist, India (Anissa Felix, who is making her TV debut).

While Mavis is putting the pieces to her new life together, she is taking us on the most fantastic journey of self-realization, and that aha moment, when she realizes she’s got this! The show has all the feels, and the supporting cast is bringing it! Garcelle Beauvais plays Natasha, a saucy diva, and is instrumental in thrusting Mavis into greatness! She is unapologetically fabulous, and I am here for all of it!

This is one of the funniest comedies I’ve seen in a LONG time! Waiting for each episode to cue up was reminiscent of waiting for D-Nice to go LIVE on IG for another Club Quarantine set during the pandemic! ‘Survival of the Thickest’ is well written… the storytelling is thoughtful while being authentic, and the soundtrack is fire! I love when the two align.

By Bernadette Holder

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