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Morris Chestnut Partners With David E. Talbert For New Comedy Sitcom!

Posted Oct 27, 2010

Actor Morris Chestnut, hot off his producing stint for the film Takers which starred Idris Elba, T.I., and Chris Brown just to name a few, seems to be focusing more on his film and television producing!

We discovered a couple of more projects that Chestnut is getting behind, and one of the first projects up is a TV sitcom that stemmed from an idea that Chestnut had with a friend at a local coffee house.

Chestnut partnered with that friend who is playwright and film director David E. Talbert for a 20th Century FOX TV comedy pilot titled It Takes  A Village that we hear is set to premiere next fall. The show was written and will be directed by Talbert.

Talbert and Chestnut have worked together before on the play Love In The Nick Of Tyme, which was also Chestnut’s theatrical stage debut.

For this new venture It Takes A Village, the story centers around a young R&B singer who loses all of his money thanks to his best friend and his business manager who gets him to invest in some ill-advised businesses. The star is then forced to move back in his home and he is then employed at an at-risk youth center where he becomes a mentor to some very undisciplined kids.

Throw in a a rags-to-riches story with a feel good story line and It Takes A Village stands alone as a must see show for the network next fall.

Up next for Chestnut is the TV series V on ABC and several other projects including a possible Takers 2– but no official word has been set on that yet.

Talbert meanwhile is gearing up for a national launch of his new play titled What My Husband Doesn’t Know at the beginning of 2012.

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