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Comedian Stevie Mack's Chocolate Chip Dancers Wins Grand Prize On New VH1 Dance Show!

Posted Oct 28, 2010

Comedian Stevie Mack and the Chocolate Chip Dancers have won the $5000 grand prize on the premier episode of Dance Cam Slam on VH1 – Tuesday Oct. 26th 10pm and they will return each week to defend their title and a chance to win another $5000…every week! They plan to donate a portion of their winnings to charity.

Chocolate Chip Dancers, Stevie Mack, Keith Lewis and Kabin Thomas formed on the set of a reality show in 2009. The footage shot that night never saw the light of day, but these three Buddha bellied, bow tied, brown skinned brothers saw the potential of a funny, uninhibited, portly

dance trio. They shot and posted a video on YouTube of them dancing in sync to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. This video went viral and spurred another; them dancing to Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step I Take”, which not only went viral, but also inspired Wayne Brady, Bobby Brown and Mike Tyson to do their comical video of the same song.

They auditioned for many shows and commercials, got booted off the CMT/MTV show “Your Chance to Dance” under the claim they didn’t fit the demographics, yet two white men went on to win the $10,000. prize on the show using the very same song, dance steps and costumes. Un-thwarted by this slight, the Chocolate Chip Dancers soon after auditioned for Dance Cam Slam on VH1 and went on to win the grand prize. They are now in pre-production of  a TV pilot, the subject of a potential super bowl commercial and touring live shows to deliver their brand of humor in motion to the eager masses.

Check out the video below:

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