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Jamie Foxx May Debut New Horror Series!

Posted Oct 27, 2010

We just discovered that comedian/actor/singer Jamie Foxx will be producing a TV horror anthology series titled Night Tales, with Stacey Dash and Denise Richards as hosts, calling it a hybrid of Tales From the Crypt and The Twilight Zone.

We also heard that the show will be 26 half-hour episodes, to be split over two seasons, and the hope is that the production team can sell the show to a cable TV network, allowing them to be edgier with the content than if they went with a regular network channel.

The question is will this show land on the Fox network?

Jamie Foxx, who’s on a TV roll with the hour-long mafia-revenge drama Tommy’s Little Girl in the works for Fox, has already co-written and co-directed the pilot and several other episodes, with Tom Arnold, Method Man and Jason Mewes among those starring in different episodes. Plus there is the new sketch comedy series that Fox is involved in that features comedic actor Affion Crockett, yet to be titled.

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