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Is Kevin Hart Going To Join New Film With Kevin James?

Posted May 24, 2012

Wow! We were typing up this story as soon as Deadline dropped it! Well, I guess they beat us to the punch! Regardless of that fact, the story is we hear that Kevin Hart is about to join a new film with Kevin James titled Valet Guys. The premise of the film sounds funny enough, but the deal is not finalized yet (read below). As you probably know, Hart is planning a fall tour that we are sure he will film again, and he has film offers he is considering. Here is the article from Deadline;

Think Like A Man star Kevin Hart is in talks to join Kevin James in Valet Guys, the Sony Pictures comedy that is coming together for a late year start in Miami. In the script by Nick Bakay and James, they play two valet guys at a high end hotel who lose a pricey sports car and have 48 hours to retrieve it. Murder is involved and they have to run for their lives. The film’s being produced by James and Todd Garner.

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