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Morris Chestnut Joins T.I. In A New Comedy Film!

Posted May 24, 2012

We just discovered some news about actor Morris Chestnut! According to several reports and our sources, he is about to join a new comedy film with T.I. titled Identity Theft!If you recall, Chestnut created a great relationship with T.I. on the making of Takers, which Chestnut was a producer on.

The reports also state that Chestnut will be joined in the film with Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, and Genesis Rodriguez and we hear that his new role has him as a Boston police detective.  The film is about a successful man (Bateman) whose life is ruined when a woman he was dating (McCarthy) and eventually dumps. steals his identity. After she steals his identity, the laughter commences when he tries to convince everyone that he is who he says he is. We hear that the film is slated to start shooting late this year and will be slated for a summer release by Universal.

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