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Eddie Murphy Buries The Hatchet With Saturday Night Live!

Posted Nov 3, 2011

Today we were told that Eddie Murphy was on Ellen (the day time talk show) and thanks to TMZ who posted this video, he was. But the interesting thing about his appearnace on Ellen today was that Eddie addressed the Saturday Night Live “situation” that occurred almost 25 years ago, and because of the incident, Eddie has turned down the very many offers to come back to the show since.

What incident are we talking about? Well, let’s first take you back to the beginning; If you are not aware, Eddie got his career started on SNL as a young 18 year old comic from New Jersey. When he appeared on the show as a regular, he saved the show. SNL at that time was about to be cut due to poor ratings, and his comedic acts of Gumby, and Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood (just to name a few) saved the show.

Eddie then went on the become a huge movie star because of such films as 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop and Trading Places. But when things started to decline in the 90’s due to some lackluster films that starred Eddie, SNL decided to produce a skit with David Spade referring to Eddie Murphy as “a falling star”. Needless to say, that did not go over too well with Eddie, and since that time Eddie has refused to appear on anything related to SNL.

Now, fast forward to today’s interview it seems that Eddie has finally buried the hatchet with Lorne Michaels and the SNL crew. Check out the interview below;

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