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'Dark Girls' Continues To Heat Up In Hollywood & Preps A National Tour!

Posted Nov 6, 2011

Last night at a special screening for the documentary film titled Dark Girls, there was a ton of excitement for the film after the screening, but none more than when it got an official invite to be screened in the Pan African Film Festival, and a mention to be included in the Sundance Film Festival when an advisory member from the festival stated that he  would “personally recommend” the film for the festival.

If you haven’t heard this film is one of the hottest films in Urban Hollywood, and it is continuing to get a lot of buzz around town. As we previously stated in a post several weeks back, the film was co-Directed by Bill Duke (Duke Media) and D. Channsin Berry (Urban Winter Entertainment). This film examines the colorism of African American women today but ends up creating conversations that have plagued the not only black community for years, but the Asian and Latin communities as well. It speaks to the issues with many because of the hues of our skin, and what it means and feels like to be a certain skin tone. The subject matter addresses the issues of having dark skin or light skin and how that has translated to certain people and their surroundings growing up, as children as well as adults. This film doesn’t just get the message of what many may have struggled with for years, but it also lends itself to a means of healing.

As a documentary, we, the viewer, get a chance to see interviews from several people throughout the film such as psychological view from Cheryl Grills, Ph.D. It should be noted the film also brings in a Hollywood perspective as DG sits down with comedian Michael Coylar and actress Viola Davis (who is sure to get an Academy mention next year for her performance in this year’s top film, The Help).

As this film continues to gain momentum, the producers are preparing to launch a nation tour and campaign to get as many people to support the film as possible. Stay tuned for the tour details soon!

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