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Comedian Michael Colyar Wraps One Hour Special For Bounce TV!

Posted Aug 29, 2014

We just discovered the news that Comedian Michael Colyar is one of the comedians who we heard about that recently wrapped up a one hour special for Bounce TV, and we also hear that Colyar is now in the process of developing a sitcom titled Michael’s Madhouse!

Colyar is always one to give back to his community through comedy and has been known to do so for years.  His latest project he will dedicate his time and effort to the community is producing a music video with some of today’s hottest rappers in the game. The video is being produced with the thought to curb some of the violence that is happening in Chicago while Colyar wants to remind the young black youth of their greatness and their value, along with their heritage. We hear that rappers Twista, Do or Die and GLC are on board for the project, with more coming.

With the news of these events, Colyar also sent us a poem that he recently wrote about Robin Williams as he wanted to share it with our readers. Colyar met Williams twice, once when doing comedy on Venice Beach and he stopped to tell him he was “great”.

The second time he came across Williams was when he had performed on the syndicated talent show Star Search and won, and was invited to HBO’s Comic Relief 5. Colyar performed and then ran through the studio audience during the show collecting money in a garbage bag he had pulled from his coat pocket. He then raced on stage and handed it to Williams and dedicated it for the homeless. Colyar states that Williams ‘smiled so big it had to hurt his face’.

Robin Williams is Dead

That’s what the letter said

I don’t care what they meant

His absence leaves a dent

He was funny way before Mork

Can’t imagine what he did to the Stork

Every Joke he told was a Gem

I’m really gonna miss him

Not that we hung out,We weren’t  boys

But the way he turned words into toys

Made me proud to be in the Game

Now the Game just won’t be the same

Who else could play Aladdin,Popeye and Mrs.Doubtfire?

If you say You could,I’m calling you a Liar Did you see “The World according to Garp”

If you did you’d understand how sharp

His comic barbs were sharp like a razor

His intellect and timing…like a Laser Each year on Comic Relief he created Art

On any comic stage he was Mozart Nobody had more fun being silly

Nobody will miss you more than Whoopi or Billy

So now you understand why I am sad That he got away

so early makes me mad Cause I’d hoped one day to shake his brilliant hand

And tell him “Robin Williams,you are the Man”

Now you get to hang out with the legends

and  the Geezers Redd Foxx,Jack Benny and Sid Ceasar

Bob Hope and Jackie Gleason

both had Juice So did your friend Jonathan Winters and Lenny Bruce

John Belushi and Richard Pryor

will be there Hanging out with Groucho,

Flip and Pigmeat Markham like you Just Don’t care

So As I bid you a fond fare adieu I still pray one day that I get to perform with you.

Peace and safe travels

From a working comic

Michael Colyar.

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