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Tracy Morgan Is Struggling In His Road To Recovery According To 'People Magazine'!

Posted Aug 29, 2014

Tracy2According to a People Magazine Exclusive that was broadcast on ABC News yesterday morning, it seems that comedian Tracy Morgan is struggling in his road to recovery.

Check out the article from People below:

Tracy Morgan hasn’t lost his trademark smile, but his road to recovery remains a long and arduous process.

“He’s really having a tough time,” his New York lawyer Benedict P. Morelli tells PEOPLE.

Since a six-vehicle crash in June – which left Morgan in critical condition and ended the life of his friend, comedian James “Jimmy Mack” McNair, 62 – the 30 Rock star, 45, has been “struggling,” Morelli adds.

Though Morgan has been spotted using a walker, he relies on a wheelchair and it may be months before he can fully walk again.

Having suffered traumatic brain injuries, a broken leg and several fractures to his face, Morgan continues to undergo at-home therapy following his release from a rehabilitation facility in mid-July.

“He’s making incremental progress,” says Morelli. “But they’ll have to wait another month before they assess him cognitively.”

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