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Oh No! BET Cancels The Mo'Nique Show!

Posted Jul 27, 2011

We just discovered from our sources that one of Black Entertainment Television’s most popular show The Mo’Nique Show was just canceled!

Word is (and we  heard from one of the producers who was officially laid off) that the show was doing well, and that there was a dispute over the direction Mo’Nique (the show’s host) wanted to take the show and with booking certain guests. broke the story and reported something similar from their sources, and we can confirm that there was a conflict as they reported. We are just not sure what it was-yet. We left word with the show’s producers and executives over at BET and we were told that an official statement would be made very soon! So, stay tuned!

We did hear that the show is officially put on a “indefinite hiatus” and after over 300 episodes, the show’s producers have no idea what’s next.

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