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FINALLY- The New Episodes Of 'In Living Color' Tapes This Week In Los Angeles!


As we have been reporting for MONTHS, you know by now that the new episodes of In Living Color is preparing to come back to television; but what we couldn’t say for certain was WHEN they were taping. We knew that the FOX network was preparing to do the taping after their 25th Anniversary Special which aired last night, but we really had no clue as to when the taping was to begin as the production start dates kept getting pushed.

Then there was the reports that some of the casting was not coming along as fast as previously thought, so that seemed to push the date back even further.

Well, now our sources have disclosed to us that the two episode special of In Living Color is taping this week! We will get a chance to see the new cast members (and some of the old cast members) and special appearances featuring Lil Rell Howery, Jermaine Fowler, Jennifer Bartels, Kali Hawk, Henry Cho, Josh Duvendeck and Sydney Castillo. We have also learned that when the episodes are finished the network is planning on airing the episodes sometime in mid May. We will have an exact date real soon!

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Check out the clip of In Living Color featured on the FOX 25th Anniversary Special that aired last night;

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  1. JosephHale

    That ‘s great to know! will they pick it up permanently is my question…BTW that ILC segment on FOX 25 was great I’m happy they saved it for last!

  2. Robert

    Unfortunately it is going to be horrible, they’ve spent too much time, too much hype, and have chosen lesser talent then they could have. After ALL of the auditions they picked not so funny comics. The build up will not meet the expectation and this is sad cause ILC was such a pioneer in the urban comedy field. You heard it here first

    • Corey Marshall

      If u haven’t seen any of the auditions or interviews how can u say they chose lesser talent? Big congrats to all the new cast that was selected. I trust they have much success.

  3. Donny

    I am surprised they aren’t promoting it considering it comes out in a few weeks. Lil Rel is funny though. I hope it doesn’t come on on like Saturday night or some strange day of the week either. Also….why 2 episodes??

  4. TC

    Oh please this comedy would get a G rating compared to what they get away with in comedy these days. And it aint even funny. Its just for shock value. THIS show was FUNNY!!!!!


    Can’t Wait! Kill Whitey

  6. Stevie Mack

    That clip brought back a lot of memories. You can’t go wrong with Keenan back at the helm.

  7. mangopr79

    So is the show going to come back for good?

    • admin

      The show is done. Its not going to air.

  8. admin

    Thanks for this but I already posted that the show was canceled. If you check on this site you will see it.

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