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**UPDATED** EXCLUSIVE- The ENTIRE Cast Of 'Think Like A Man' Lead By Kevin Hart Hits The Streets Opening Weekend Nationwide!

Posted Apr 22, 2012

Never before has a film such as Screen Gems’ Think Like A Man starring Kevin Hart had such an impact with the general audience on opening weekend!

What are we talking about? Well to put it simply, never has an ENTIRE CAST featuring Hart, with Michael Ealy, Romany Malco, Gary Owen, Jerry Ferrara, Terrance J, Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Good, Regina Hall and many more reached out and interacted with their fan base during opening weekend.

This weekend the cast surprised audiences all over the country with visits at movie theaters and greeted fans at theaters. Kevin Hart, for example, in Atlanta while with Tyrese Gibson and Idris Elba, greeted many fans at the theater. When he was in Columbia, SC he purchased $5,000 worth of popcorn and sodas for EVERYONE who paid to see the film!

Comedian Gary Owen, while in Chicago, greeted several theater goers who were excited about the film and signed many autographs. Terrance J, La La and Romany Malco greeted fans in theaters in New York.

Back in Los Angeles, stars Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Meagan Good and Jerry Ferrara all did the same at the Magic Johnson Theaters in Baldwin Hills. In Atlanta, Gabrielle Union and Will Packer (the Executive Producer of the film) along with Keri Hilson (who made a cameo in the film) greeted fans, took pictures and signed autographs.

It should be noted that many films have had stars come out to surprise an audience, but never has an entire cast participated on this level, and the results are showing. When the final tally comes in on Monday morning,  this may become a model that Hollywood takes a serious look at since the film is on track to make $33 million opening weekend.

Check out the video posted by Kevin Hart;

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Keri Hilson, Will Packer and Gabrielle Union in Atlanta surprising fans at the theater.

Gay Owen Greeting fans in Chicago.

Romany Malco with fans in New York

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