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VH1 Set To Launch TV Films About Famous Groups; First Up- TLC!

Posted Dec 1, 2011

Yesterday we got word that the VH1 network is planning a television film about the extremely popular 90’s R&B group known as TLC.  We hear that the film will be about a lot of their conflicts and the turmoil that went on behind the scenes while they were on the journey of their musical career.

This film is said to be one of the first of many from VH1 as we also hear from our sources that they also plan to explore Aaliyah, Public Enemy, The Notorious BIG and several other R&B groups. Looks like the common denominator in several of the films is success in the music industry and tragedy.

Anyway, lets get back to TLC; if you recall the group was made up of the firey Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (who was killed in car accident while on a spiritual retreat in Honduras way back in April 2002), Chilli, and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins. After the death of Lopes the group fell apart and the surving members Watkins and Chilli went on to continue with the group, but the success was never the same, despite a reality show and other stints to maintain the fame. In all fairness, TLC sold tens of millions of albums worldwide and is still considered to be most successful female group in history.

The Executive producers for the movie are Watkins and Chilli, and will be written by Kate Lanier (of What’s Love Got To Do With It, Beauty Shop, and Set It Off).

The film is scheduled to start pre-production as soon as a Director is hired. Our sources stated that the film is on pace to be aired in the fall of 2012.

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