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TMZ Tries To Throw Mike Epps Under The Bus!

Posted Dec 6, 2010

Thanks to our friends over at EURWEB.COM, we got this article about comedian Mike Epps SUPPOSEDLY punching a photographer during a party that was for his wife Michelle Epps at Key Club in Detroit on Saturday, Nov 27th.

What’s really amazing is their post about the video, which you will see when you click the link. Yes, you can see Epps throwing a punch but its IMPOSSIBLE to see anything else. Anyway, you decide-click the link and tell us your thoughts.

Click here to watch video.

This is what TMZ posted that was stated by Epps, as he tells TMZ, “It was a private celebration for my wife’s birthday. I asked the photographer numerous times not to film, but he refused to let up. I then attempted to retrieve the tape from the camera.”

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