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The Shaq Comedy All Star Jam Weekend Recap!

Posted Feb 26, 2012
This weekend Codeblack Entertainment produced and filmed another volume of their Shaq Comedy All Star Jam comedy series in Orlando during NBA All star weekend, and as usual, the concert was worth every penny.
The concert kicked off on Friday night with comedians Earthquake and Rodney Perry filming their brand new one hour specials, the first for Perry. Earthquake kicked off the show with high energy, and with knowledge that this special would go a long way win the Codeblack Entertainment brand. What was a pleasant surprise was having comedian Bill Bellamy on the show, hosting, being as charismatic as he normally does.
Perry ended the evening with his high energy stage performance and his usual physical comedy style. As the crowd sat back to watch the show, Perry made sure they all knew he was shooting his special and he demanded an audience with high energy to match his stage performance, and he got it.
What can’t be overlooked is the other comedians that performed that evening to set the tone, comics such as Michael Blackson and Capone, two heavyweights in the comedy game.
The next night, comedian Gary Owen set the tone as a host with comedians Jay Pharaoh, Lil Duvall, Capone and Tony Roberts all performing for this new All Star edition. This crowd was cleverly engaged early on with Owen as a host as the comedians easily made this show one of the best of the series.

The new Shaq Comedy All Star Comedy Jam didn’t disappoint and should be ready for consumers in July with a new tour schedule for the fall. Stay tuned for more details soon as we will have photos, interviews and more soon!
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