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The Original Kings Of Comedy To Be Revamped?!

Posted Jan 25, 2011

We just discovered from Walter Latham (who many of you probably already know as the Producer of The Original Kings Of Comedy, The Original  Queens of Comedy, and also P Diddy’s The Bad Boys Of Comedy ) that he is about to make his presence felt again in the urban comedy circuit!

We discovered that Latham is preparing to launch ANOTHER Kings of Comedy type tour, EXCEPT he is looking for the next Kings – and he needs your help to accomplish this- as its titled The Kings: The Next Generation!

We hear that a potential FILM will take place if Latham is convinced that there is a DEMAND for it, as he is seeking 1 MILLION followers via his twitter account (which is @lathament) and if he accomplishes this goal he will drop the film in 2011 followed by a U.S. Arena tour!

You can even expect Latham to prepare to join the digital age with a brand new DIGITAL LABEL. The label will be distributed by Paramount Digital Entertainment and will include the digital release of all the classic Latham titles like The Original Kings of Comedy & Latham Entertainment Presents as well as never before seen concert footage of all your favorite comedians, and new original Latham Productions in long form, clips and apps for mobile devices.

Stay tuned for more as we will be posting a complete interview we did with Latham soon as he explains all of his future endeavors and more!

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