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Comedian David Arnold Drops New Stand Up DVD & Vlog Lands On

Posted Jan 25, 2011

We just discovered that comedian David Arnold is continuing to move along his comedy performances and his work is starting to speak for itself!

For those of you who don’t know, the former Host of TV One’s Black Men Revealed is now a current writer for Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns. After landing that gig several years ago, Arnold has been able to take the next step forward by landing a recurring role on the show while also maintaining his day job as writer for the show.

We also discovered that Arnold has also just released a new comedy special on DVD titled I Never Heard Of You Either, and the DVD is one of the hottest selling DVDs in the underground comedy circuit.

Finally, Arnold launched a vlog on Facebook and now after so much talk about the love for the vlog (titled Life With Dave), Arnold was able to have his vlog published on

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Arnold about more of the above and some upcoming projects!

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