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EXCLUSIVE-Rumor Alert- Behind The Scenes Possible Plans For The 2012 BET Awards!

Posted May 27, 2012

Last week, we all heard the announcement of actor Samuel L. Jackson hosting this years 2012 BET Awards, we also heard all of the nominations; some of which has created a frenzy of excitement! We even received some emails from some of you who were disappointed about Kevin Hart not hosting, despite hosting one of BET’s best Awards shows ever broadcast last year.

Well, if you are BET, how do you plan to replace the hottest comedian as a host and how do you maintain that level of comedy? Only they know the answer to that question. BUT we can say some of the plans they intend on doing this year will definitely bring some laughter to the show.

For example, last year with Hart on board, BET debuted Real Husbands Of Hollywood which featured Hart, with Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, Bobby Brown, Anthony Anderson, Nick Cannon, and Tami Roman in a very funny sketch that was about just that; Husbands of very famous spouses.

Well, this year we hear that there are discussions of some very funny sketches that will possibly feature Jackson, Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino both of which may play in a sketch like Real Husbands, or probably a take on The Avengers (which stars Jackson). So far, they are in several discussions for the sketches, but these are possibly some of the ideas.

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