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Radio One Jumps Into Comedy With A New Comedy Tour!

Posted Jul 13, 2010

Media mogul Cathy Hughes of TV One and Radio One have produced a family comedy tour that is leaving audiences in stitches. The tour features comedian Marcus D. Wiley from the Yolanda Adams Morning Show, Chinnitta Morris aka Chocolate, Griff, Small Fire, Willie Brown and Woody, James Stephens III, Sean Sarvis, and John Gray. The family friendly comedy tour is hilarious and picking up momentum. They just had a sold out performance at Cramton Auditorium in Washington, D.C. last  week.

The Radio One Family Comedy Tour is scheduled to travel around the country and is part of an initiative to improve the quality of family television and live performance by providing clean and funny comedy to audiences nationwide. This is part of a new shift and seems to coincide with our country’s efforts to get back to basics and not waste our most valued resources. “We’re not just going green, we’re going clean”, says a spokesman for the tour. You will soon see and hear more advertisement for the tour on TV One and Radio One as it will be coming to a city near you. There is also a DVD project in the works which has been shot featuring Vickie Winans as the host along with most of the comedians previously mentioned.

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