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Pam Grier Is In New RZA Film The Man With The Iron Fists!

Posted Feb 8, 2011

It’s being reported from several websites that screen icon Pam Grier announced that she is among the cast members of the new Kung Fu film  titled The Man with the Iron Fists, which you probably already know by now is a $20 million project from Wu Tang Clan’s RZA and director Eli Roth.

All of the websites are reporting that Grier broke the news on her Twitter account, stating she has already finished filming her scenes and has just returned from the set in Shanghai.

Grier joins Lucy Liu, wrestler Dave Bautista, MMA fighter Cung Le and Russell Crowe in the story of a blacksmith (RZA) in feudal China who makes weapons for a small village which is forced to defend itself.

Stay tuned for more details on the film shortly!

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