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EXCLUSIVE-New Series Titled BACKSTAGE- David E. Talbert’s What My Husband Doesn’t Know!

Posted Jan 21, 2011

We want to introduce to YOU, our faithful reader, a new series that we are featuring titled BACKSTAGE!

What is BACKSTAGE you ask? Well simply put it’s a new series that will take you BACKSTAGE to the many events that are about to happen this year, from Jamie Foxx to Kevin Hart’s brand new tour!

But up first we have an EXCLUSIVE for you! We are backstage at the making and creating of the brand new play titled What My Husband Doesn’t Know– the brand new stage play from David E. Talbert!

This has never been captured before on camera, and we have it for you- BACKSTAGE! We have an inside and in-depth, quick look at what the cast and crew goes through during the making and SHAKING of the production of a play. Since it’s a David E. Talbert production you know what to expect;  some fabulous singing (see Michelle Williams and Ann Nesby) and many surprises!

What My Husband Doesn’t Know stars Brian White, Michelle Williams,  Clifton Davis and Ann Nesby and begins it’s national tour on Feb. 4th in Spartanburg, SC!

Here is behind the scenes to Day 3!

Here is the video from Day 2!

Here is the video of Day 1

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