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New DIGITAL Issue- Introducing The Plastic Cup Boyz!

Posted May 17, 2015

It’s another month and time for another new DIGITAL issue! in this new issue we introduce you to the Plastic Cup Boyz! If you are not familiar, they are comedians Na’Im Lynn, Will ‘Spank’ Horton, and Joey Wells. In this issue we introduce you to the comedians and we dive into where they are from and how they ended up being with Kevin Hart and his new tour!

In this issue we also give you an EXCLUSIVE look at Bill Bellamy’s 50th Birthday bash as we were there and we have a lot of EXCLUSIVE photos of the celebs in attendance!

We also have some red carpet photos from the Get Hard Movie Premiere!

We were at the Comedy Store for several of Martin Lawrence’s comedy performance and we have lots of behind-the-scenes photos! Plus there is the latest comedy news, and more!

Check out the new issue below;

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The Humor Mill Volume 7 Issue 1 March 2023

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