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JB. Smoove And Terrence Howard To Act In Leslie Small’s New Comedy Film Titled ‘Giving Thanks’

Posted Oct 10, 2023

This upcoming comedy has a plot that is as ingenious as it is entertaining. Leslie Small’s ‘Giving Thanks’ will narrate the events that occur in the lives of two friends who embark on a quirky path to make a fortune. Best friends, Marcus and Roddy, dream about living on their own in fame and fortune, except, they work in a dead-end job. In their quest to fulfill their dream, the duo come up with a bizarre plan to kidnap the pet iguana of a popular football star, Achilles Cooper for ransom, while also forcing the famous player to attend the birthday party of Marcus’s father. Now, what is left to see is if their plan will indeed work.

Leslie Small is a talented filmmaker who has directed a number of comedic entertainers such as, ‘Kevin Hart: Irresponsible’ and the ‘All Star Comedy Jam’. Joining Leslie Small in the crew are producers Stephanie Weier (CEO and founder of Brandwood Global), Hunter De Vere (President of Brandwood Studios) and Charlton Jacques (Founder of Foresight Entertainment). ‘Giving Thanks’ will be taken up under Brandwood Studios, an emerging production company who will be producing this upcoming feature film alongside Foresight Entertainment, another emerging production company. The crew will be joined by Charles Maye and Michael NJ Wright, both talented artists who will be writing the screenplay for ‘Giving Thanks’.

A Look At The Cast

‘Giving Thanks’ is reportedly still under production with its filming commencing this fall in Atlanta. Yet, as always, we do have a snippet on the actors who will potentially join the cast for the feature film. Actors, Terrence Howard, J.B. Smoove and Rebecca De Mornay are reportedly in talks for the indie comedy. Terrence Howard is a popular yet controversial actor who is known for his portrayal of James Rhodes in Marvel’s ‘Iron Man’, DJay in ‘Hustle and Folw’, Bama in ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and many more. J.B. Smoove is a renowned comedian/ actor and writer whose works include, ‘Pootie Tang’, ‘Blockbuster’ and ”Til Death’. Rebecca De Mornay is another established actress who is primarily known for her roles in films, ‘Risky Business’, ‘Never Talk to Strangers’, ‘Guilty as Sin’ and ‘A Table For One’.

In ‘Giving Thanks’, J.B Smoove will most likely play the role of Marcus’s arch-nemesis Dexter, an ambitious hustler who manages the retail box store where Marcus works while Rebecca De Mornay will portray Aunt Theodora, an eccentric cabaret/performance artist who tries her best to look out for Roddy, but knows a good opportunity when she sees it. Together, the trio is predicted to deliver a stellar performance. So for all the indie comedy fans out there, this movie is for you!

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