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It's Official- Katt Williams Comes Back To The Stage!

Posted Jun 22, 2011

We discovered a fact that can’t be denied- comedian Katt Williams is planning a return to the stage, to the surprise of absolutely no one. After officially being retired from the stage word has slowly leaked that Katt has started to make appearances in comedy clubs and comedy venues, and Katt even jumped on stage for a few minutes a couple of weeks ago at The Laugh Factory during the Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show in Hollywood. At that point, the word wasn’t “if” Williams was going to jump up on stage, it then became “when”.

Now we know Williams has booked several shows, and the only thing that we haven’t discovered yet is if the shows Williams will be doing will be all music or comedy- or both. One thing is certain though; the promoters who are booking the comedian are all being told that Williams intends on performing comedy, not his impending hip hop album that has been mentioned.

We hear that Katt has already booked 6 shows on his own, one being in New Mexico.  His first show is June 25 in New Mexico and if you click on the following link you will see where tickets are on sale ( Word even trickled down that his former road manager has been contacted to see if he can mount a tour for Katt through his connections.

More as this story develops.

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