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Is Meet The Browns Really Going To Get Cancelled?


We just discovered a couple of things that are going on in Atlanta at Tyler Perry Studios and none of it looks good.

First, we hear that former executive and Assistant Director/ Producer and “everything man” Roger Bobb, who left a couple of months ago to start his own Production Company might have left under different circumstances than we were lead to believe. We hear that Bobb and Perry had a falling out, and parted ways due to “irreconcilable differences”.

Did all of that lead to what else we heard? What is that you say? Well, we heard that there is talk of the hot TBS show Meet The Browns being cancelled for this upcoming season, and to top all of that there are some who were blaming Bobb, and others putting the blame on Perry’s decisions. Either way there has been no official word yet but our sources say that the word is inevitable.

What do you think?

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  1. Davi

    This will leave room for better programing.

    • Ladybug40

      I don’t what you are talking about, Meet The Browns is a good show and I hate to see it go, so talk what you know…!!!!!

    • Brittanny

      I’m happy it’s being cancelled instead of house of Payne. Meet the Browns was inconsistent and uncertain. They were always playing reruns. The new episodes weren’t even that funny.

    • camille

      OH please

    • bigmama

      i love meet the browns. i hope they don’t cancel the show because it’s a good family show. so i don’t know what you talking about that it leave room fro better programing.

    • Myrtle

      You are absolutely right this show is HORRIBLE thankfully it got cancelled

    • stu

      I was sitting at home bored the other evening flipping channels and I came across Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns” television sitcom. With nothing else to watch I decided to give the show a try, the worst mistake of my life. The show was terrible. I couldn’t decide which was worse the very annoying laugh track that seemed to go off every 5 seconds at what was supposed to be humor or the idiot dressed in very tightly fitting clothes who seems to be slightly retarded. How can such a great writer in Tyler Perry who has found success in making us laugh and opening our eyes to the struggles of everyday life with his great stage plays and movies fall so far off base with this terrible television show. At this point in his career I’m sure he has people who write and direct some of his productions for him, I would hate to believe that he writes the material for “Meet the Browns.” This show is an embarrassment and a dark cloud over all of the successful things that he has produced thus far in his career. With there being a major shortage of African-American sitcoms on television now days its very sad that “Meet the Browns” is all we have to represent us to the world. When I hear the name of that show all I can think about is the seemingly out of shape black man, dressed up in skin tight clothing, with a very high pitched voice who doesn’t seem to have any kind of education. Sure, you may say, “stop trippin’ that its just a television show,” but to some its symbolic of how far the black man has fallen from prominence. They laugh at us, saying that they have us right where they want us. Don’t get me wrong, I know that it didn’t began with this show and I know it doesn’t end with this show. There is enough blame to go around 1000 times over and honestly I think the blame game has gotten old, I think it’s time for the change game. It’s time to turn our backs on negative media and I mean that for everyone. Any rapper, singer entertainer or athlete that promotes Black Hate we should stop supporting. Lets stop listening to and buying music and movies that promote hatred of our people and especially our women by calling them B’s and H’s or saying that we should use and play them or media that promotes them as being only sexual objects and not the Queens that they truly are. Its time we become more conscience of this hate media that we’ve been supporting for years now. Lets demand change from the radio and television stations and tell them we don’t want to hear it or see it any longer. Lets start standing for something instead of nothing, regain our voice that has be silent for almost 4 decades now. We need our Women to be Ladies and we men must treat them as such and we need our Men to be Men and start acting as such. Once we end the division we can then stop being conquered

      • Lor

        I totally agree! It was mediocre at best!

      • Just another black girl

        It is now 2020. Looking back at “meet the browns” reminds me of my childhood. Me and my brother would stay up until meet the browns and house of payne would come on. Those were our favorite shows. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but making a show like meet the browns into a history lesson about black men and women is not what its about. Yea we see Mr. Brown in tight clothes and his lack of speech but the point is that its suppose to be about family. His love for his daughter Cora and everyone else. Its also a comedy which means its suppose to be funny. Its not about how “we see our black men and women now and days” its just about how family can get through tough times. Meet the browns have put smiles on peoples faces because people have rough days and they go through somethings that tyler perry put inside his plays and movies. He created meet the browns as another lesson. Its not about embarrassing our black men because if u look at today’s black men they are all turning out gay. I’m not saying this as disrespect i’m saying meet the browns has nothing to do with the history of embarrassing our black men because tbh what us black people are doing is embarrassing ourselves. Like when I get older im afraid that there wont even be a man for me to marry because they are turning out to not like “black women” instead they like “black men”.

  2. DeWayne

    Always a hatter in the house. Like we need more uncle Tom crabbings on their own kind. Oops, might not even be black.

    • terry

      Well, Im not black and this is one of my favorite shows

  3. Blaq

    Its time for better programming. Meet the Browns sucked.

    • Jason

      For you maybe, for a mind that is so closed to the message that is clearly being told in every show. Where are you at and clearly going no where.

    • Ric

      So does “Everybody Hates Raymond” and “Two and a Half punks”; just to name two. The list is exhaustive.

      • Toni

        I love the show & my family love the series too.
        Meet the Browns, it’s a great Black family show.We would be very upset if TBS cancel the series.

    • crystal

      meet the browns does not suck i think it is the best show on right now

    • Ladybug40




      • aaron

        Oh my god! The show may be a good family show but the humor is still undeniably bland and repetitive . And can people PLEASE stop saying that everyone who doesn’t like this show is “close-minded”? Maybe they’re open-minded enough to make their own opinion!

    • Sing

      Love Meet the Browns Bring it Back And NOW I SAY.

  4. right on damnit

    Bout time! Get that tired crap off tv! Jesus! How in the hell can this guy have a mutligagillion production facility and only can crank outthat 20th century mammy crap.
    Maybe now he create some programming that doesn’t make black people look ignorant as hell.
    It’s his responsibility to uplift his audience..teach us something other than grandma will shoot you if you speak out of turn! The story’s been told.

    • Jason

      Now that is soooo closed minded.. This is what people need, to relax and laugh, think about what you use to watch when you was a child or growing up, same but a lot better. You probably sit around now and look at the news to see what black people are doing to make our race look bad and so on, so sad. Tyler Perry has came a long way and is so far ahead then you or anyone like you can ever imagine. That’s the problem. Instead of looking for what black people are doing that makes our race look bad, why don’t you take a stand yourself and make a difference. Now the story has been told hater…..

      • Ladybug40

        I agree, say it again for those that didn’t get it the first time…. AMEN!!!!

    • Alexxus

      Its a comedy it has to have some humor in it nn if It makes black plp look ignorant then why is sasha a nurse and will is a docter.

    • camille

      its just enertainment! it shows how black people are talented so are a white people! howver some of u just cant do better so y hate! its all about the money as well! study that one!

  5. Latonya

    I personally like Meet the Brown’s. There is something in every episode that makes me laugh. With all the violence on TV and reality TV, I enjoy Meet the Browns. Brown reminds me of an old uncle and he’s not ignorant, just country. LOL. There are positive role models in the show so I’d hate for it to be cancelled.

  6. roger

    Bout time

  7. J to the

    I’m all for black television, but Meet the Browns was not a well executed program. Hopefully something that black folk can be proud of and other races can relate to can be put on air. Take the webseries Awkward Black Girl. It keeps it real for us and is highly “relatable” to other races, and the jokes are fresh. They have up to date humor, not jokes you make on the porch with your friends like what most of TP’s (and most black) comedy’s tend to lean toward. Yes, it can be funny at times but for the most part…. we need to step our game up.

    It’s sad to see another black comedy taken off air, but all we can hope for is an ever better one to replace it.

    • Alexxus

      How is it not relateable they hav real problem that are happening in real life like reap adoption robbery ect.

    • camille

      i agree with some of what u said however it all in entertainment! and yes its sad to see another black comedy go! hence the operative word, black! oh well life goes on

    • Lor

      So true, not very well executed, or REALLY funny… But there is a bit of charm in Davids character.

  8. Leslie

    That will be a shame to see another black comedy taken off. Meet the browns is funny maybe they need to get it together over there at TP Studios hire some fresh new young comedy writers they are out there. We dont have any black comedies on the air now it would be a shame to have all the comedies be white(no offense to those shows cause I do enjoy some of them)but i would like to see our people represented too.

  9. Sandy

    I hope Meet The Browns come back for another season,because I love me some Brown. I am so tired of reality TV it is a shame how people will look at some stupid drama instead of something funny with meaning. It is a shame how people will air their dirty laundry for money, look like idiots,and act like a fool and America thinks that is funny. Then the minute someone calls on the NAME of JESUS people get tire of that this world is sad sad sad.

  10. RGR

    People have forgotten how to laugh when watching tv, and this is the only black comedy that makes me laugh anymore. The Browns is a family friendly alternative to reality tv. I would hate to see it cancelled.

  11. David

    I love this show, Meet the Browns is such a great show that has many positive aspects. I love to see Tamila and David Mann they are such inspiring people. It will be a shame if TBS does not realize that this show is great. And for all the people that said the show is bad, just turn the channel and let the rest of us can continue to watch. If there is a show that needs to be pulled is “American Dad” the language is offensive, it is not funny, and the whole concept of the show is to offend as many people as they can. No matter the outcome God will continue to bless Tamila and David.

  12. joyce

    i love the browns

  13. Alicia

    I love Meet the Browns. TP please bring the Browns back. It’s a great comedy show.

  14. Candi

    I agree with some many fans of Tyler Perry’s sitcoms. It is so refreshing to view television shows that is not sex driven, violent, and foul. I also enjoy seeing “people of color”, on screen, someone who looks like me. Please keep positive African American shows on air. Let’s keep moving forward!!!

    • Lor

      Very true, it is good to see all hues on tv.

  15. Glen

    African American family sitcoms are so important to todays black families. I think it’s always so incredible to identify with someone on screen. Keep up the good work Mr. Perry; continue to make us proud.

    • camille

      and might i add! it what actually go on in some of our daily lives!…..i think white people like to cover up alot

  16. Candi

    “Meet the Browns” and other African American sitcoms are always welcomed on my television because there are far in between to few African American shows airing. We need more black shows, not less. Plus, the show is not violent, sex oriented, and full of profanity.

  17. Lauren

    Please leave the humor and old school lessons for our children and adults to reflect on. Children and young adults have seen enough filth. Black people have a wonderful sense of humor.

  18. Randi Smith

    The love House of Payne, but meet the browns is ridiculous. It’s an ignorant show. Brown is just really stupid and not funny.

    • Makiyah

      Um you just don’t have any sense of humor and I think mr.brown is hilarious but there is always going to be haters somewhere. Curtis is just as crazy as brown so just because you don’t like it and you think of yourself so high up and better than anybody meet the browns is really nice setting and show with no cursing but teaches life lessons

      • Denise

        Look I dont do responses, but I feel TP Studios has made a bad decission that needs correcting. Mr. Perry, “I love you”, your actors, movies, and “Meet the Browns.” They are funny and whatever seems dry acting, they give an out of sync comment orgesture that makes it funny. I hope for their return and like they above said its… “For Us and By Us”. Its TGIFNF (Thank God Its Friday Night Funnyrrrr). Thankrr!

  19. Lydia Matias

    First George Lopez! Now the house of Payne and my Favorite Meet the browns. What in the world is TBS thinking? There cramming all this white sit-coms in the empty slots. Just remember we come in every color and have different taste. It’s nice to watch something that make us laugh and now it has been taken away SHAME ON YOU TBS.

    • Kyle

      For all of you people that want black programming. Watch BET.

      • Twink

        What a blatantly racist and ignorant comment. Every tv station should have diversity in its programming. There should never have been a need for race specific networks. Segregation is such a stupid and unnecessary rationale. There is only one race, the HUMAN RACE. And it’s wonderfully blended with multiple cultures and colors that should all be respected and represented in every aspect of life!!!!

        • Lor

          Very well stated!!!

  20. Jay

    I hope it DOES NOT get cancelled. Meet The Browns is hilarious!! Looking forward to more seasons hopefully..

  21. Colleen

    His movies are good but Im glad this is going away.

    • Lor

      I think his movies are also mediocre…

  22. CarLoco

    Cancel this Ish!

    • yata

      yall just mad cuz they funny and yall not lets see if yall can tell a joke assholes dont think so

      • Kyle

        Way to show your education (or lack of it).

  23. Map

    I love Meet The Browns,I hope it’s just a rumor. We don’t need another reality show.

  24. jequta

    i love meet the browns it better than all these other so called shows on tv brown is very fun and if the rating are low it because of reruns people hate reruns and if this shows gets cancelled i’m done with tbs i need my brown look foward to it all week we don’t need another white only comedy

  25. Sweety E

    I personally like Meet the Browns it is clean comedy. People keep saying it has a slave mentality but I don’t see how I mean you have a black doctor and black nurse, a black teacher, a black coach, and one person whom has his own version of dialect. Where does the slavery come in I don’t know but I’m tired of seeing people slob each other down, using profane words, and some form of crime. Laughter is good for the soul and in this economy we need some laughter so I’m all for this television show and I hope it remains on air for a long time and gets better and better.

    • Makiyah

      I agree there is few shows focused on black families

    • camille

      people are weird! what sort of slave mentality? smh.. they are running the home not white people. i agree with you. people need to research what is slavery ebefore they comment.

  26. lorri jones

    I luv ya tyler, no matter what tv show or movie u produce its all good to me. I luv meet the browns it just make me laugh an now a days we need to. I cannot take another reality tv show. So if u think of any more shows, bring it on !!. My family an I luv it all and u also. God Bless keek up the Fabulous work. Lalafab signing off.

  27. Stacee

    I love “Meet The Browns” pls bring the show back for another season…dont take it away!

    • Ladybug40

      I agree.

  28. CMinorr

    The world needs more laughter. I hope that it is not so, Meet The Browns & House of Payne provided just that…LAUGHTER. BRING THEM BACK.

  29. TMAIA

    I love Meet The Browns and I don’t want it to be cancelled! Awkward Black Girl is NOT “relatable” to me and I am black! I don’t ride around around in my car singing rap music and I most certainly do NOT go around throwing the “N” word like there is no tomorrow!! Seriously?! Who would choose that kind of crap over a family dynamic uplifting and teaching values, while having fun?!!

    • Lor

      I have never viewed Awakward Black girl, & if what you are saying is true, that is such a shame! Sounds like crap!

  30. Sg

    I was so sad to see that meet the browns is going off the air. Honestly I didn’t know until we were watching this past fridays show that it was done . I hate the way he ended the show . It seems like the series finale would have had a better ending to it. My family and I are so disappointed how you ended the show !!!!

  31. Linda

    I love Tyler Perry, however, wasn’t a fan of Meet The Browns. Pop Brown was too much of a baffoon in my opinion and the scripts were a little too unrealistic; especially the ones that took place at the hospital. I know this is TV not the real world, but come on Mr. Perry, if someone like Renee worked for me, she’d be fired the first day!

    • Lor

      I agree w/ you on the buffoon comment..I really can’t remember too many of the shows. I wouldn’t say I was a regular viewer.

  32. mrsladylike

    Aww that’s sad news..I love watching brown…but thee other actors like his Nephew & his wife & them kids wasn’t a joy to watch…so me personally I will miss the show & u pray everything gets better for Tyler ..whatever the case I m fan regardless

  33. Debra

    My family and I love the show, and it would be terrible if they cancelled it.Its just a funny show, without all the cursing and sex that so many shows seem to want to bring in now days.The show is meant to bring laughs and thats excaty what is does.Anyone can watch it without telling there kids go in the other room.Thank you Tyler Perry

  34. katina

    I love Meet the browns David Mann is very funny it’s one of the best sitcom on tv right now I wouldn’t be happy and probably wouldn’t watch tbs if this show gets cancelled. By the way Tylers new sitcoms has bad actors they just don’t seem real. Meet the browns is a keeper in my book.

  35. Jerome

    Thank God. The guy has like 3 tv series…I have seen all of them a few times, and they are just awful. The guy just stereotypes black people, da fuck is this? It’s the same crap on three different shows. If you want to put out something to help the black community look at things like family matters, the Cosby show, the Jefferson’s….things people remember. All I can remember from Perry’s stuff is he likes to dress like a woman and….yea that’s about it :/

    • randy

      Get your head out of your ass!

  36. allen

    its really tragic and a shame when these things happen and such an entertaining series to i for one will really miss the browns and hope they reconsider the move

  37. al

    meet the browns was a ground breakin comedy that was a really funny show that was canceled not by ratings but by inner workings and thats ashamed we as black people there is no room for egos in our mix so if it not ratings nothin makes sense to me

  38. yazzy

    I like meet the browns. House of Payne is better, but I hate that this show is being cancelled. Can’t wait for the next season of House of Payne & For Better or Worse! I love Tyler Perry

  39. pyzzaz

    I found the show to be entertaining at times, and insultingly ignorant at others.
    I would have liked to have seen the show lead to less of the same-old-gags, and more innovative and imaginative fare.
    Mr. Brown was never going to be accepted as an intellectual, but there were times when he was over-the-top with his ignorance, and it made fun of more than just his character.
    IWth as much leeway as Mr. Perry seems to have, more could have been done to make this show less of a the pain that it eventually became, and more worthy of the time of its viewers to watch.

    • Lor


  40. Franny

    We have very few black comedies on TV, and “Meet the Browns” is a funny, nice, clean show without the violence. I looked forward to watching it every week.It would be a shame if it doesn’t come back. Let us have something!!!!

    • camille

      yea i agree i thinkthat the viewers have the say! once we are in the majority

  41. kim

    I Love meet the Browns !!!!! and House of Payne
    and I’m white…lol …Keep it going me and my son have the best LOL together !!!!

  42. Queenie

    All u people who say u hate meet the browns and they suck i dont agree and if u do say it the u must have never saw 1 show or have no sence of humor can im only 13 and i roll on the floor laughibg at meet the browns AND I PRAY THAT THET WILL SHOW ANOTHER SEASON AND NEVER RUN OUT

  43. Solo

    So tru

  44. Solo

    So sad they cancelled it,people its simple if you don’t like something don’t watch it or listen to it..

  45. tayanna

    i think that it very sad i am a big fan i don’t want it to go a way so tyler if you are going to cancel it then find something as funny as mr.Brown because he is FUNNY

  46. D.Moore

    The earlier episodes sucked; hate to say this but the white characters were bringing it down. Once the show starting focusing on Brown, it was Great. The show has great potential. There are many other shows on tv that need to be cancelled and Meet the Browns isn’t one of them.

    Think about it, the Highest rated Black show is a cartoon(Cleveland Show). We need as many shows like Meet the Browns that’s clean and funny and respects Black people.

    Be slow to judge something without considering the consequences.

    Everything Tyler Perry does won’t be perfect so let’s stop expecting everything he does to be on the Madea Level. I know he set his on bar extremely high but understand that he’s not gonna make all the jumps but its important that we encourage him to keep trying.

    And if you haven’t seen Good Deeds, you are truely missing out on a “real” movie. Great acting, Great story…Go check it out!

  47. mike

    Please bring meet the browns back love that show why betta than house of pains.

  48. camille


  49. jajuan

    put meet the browns back on or are we there yetstop taking black shows off or make it were are we there yet lives next door to the browns

    • Kyle

      WTF did you just say?

  50. misha

    I like all that tyler perry does. All of it has a message for everyone no matter the race. The problem is so many people are use to seeing black people portrayed as broke like on good times or showing there body parts on reality tv and acting ignorant. Now when a show comes along to uplift and motivate kids or people to keep them from feeling like the ignorance they see on any other tv show is all the world has to offer them then its a problem.

    • Lor

      Your comment may have some truth to it, but that isn’t the whole truth. Funny is 1 thing, but lackluster humor is another. & acting silly all of the time is another…

  51. teresa

    My father is 85 years old. Everyday he would look foward to Mr. brown. It hurts me to tell him that the show is cancelled. There is noother program that he watches religiously. Now thats entertainment. Please bring the show back with new episodes or send my father some dvds of old shows because he has dementia. I makes him laugh.

  52. Meet the browns

    TBS is a totally piece of garbage for canceling this show and replacing it with a bunch of crap. For you folk that think meet the browns is dumb or lame or whatever you need to get your face out of butt and actually what the dang show mr.brown Is funny on so many levels and yeah the hositpal situations maybe a little unrealistic but it’s still funny and still gives you the main point.

    The real reason why all y’all people this boring or unfunny is because you don’t get the jokes I was The same way when I first saw this show I was only 12 and i didnt get it and i thought it was boring but as i keep watching i understood now I’m almost 16 i totally get it. This was one of the few remaining shows that was still good on t.v now it’s all about unrealistic crap

    Thanks alot TBS

  53. Julie

    All this nonsense about it making black people look stupid is insane! I’m white and I love Meet the Browns. Mr. Brown is super funny and he has great morales. I didnt know until last night that him and Cora are married in real life. No wonder they have such great chemistry! I wish they would bring it back on..we watch it every night in rerun at my house. There is no better show on tv.

  54. - crystalr

    I love Meet The browns it soo funny if anything the need yo cancel house of Payne its stupid

  55. miss kay

    Bring back Mr brown love to see him he is so funny

  56. Bernadette

    Meet the Browns is really good clean comedy. Bring them back.

  57. Janessa

    This is the most UNFUNNY show that I seen yet this show is a bootleg version of the house of PAIN Tyler Perry needs to just stop

  58. flychick86

    Wow. I think it had gotten canceled a BIT too soon. Then again, the audience laughter can be SOOOOO FRIGGIN’ ANNOYIN’!!

  59. Selena

    I am a white woman in my 40’s and this is my husband’s and my FAVORITE show. We ordered every single season on DVD. I can’t imagine anyone not thinking this is funny. We love Mr. Brown’s “Brown-isms” and even have some of them as our cell phone ringtones. As Christians, we also appreciate the bits of God and scripture that are interjected – even if wrongly – we find it extremely humorous. To me, this show is way better than House of Payne – Curtis is nothing but grumpy and sarcastic. There is enough of that in real life. LONG LIVE MR. BROWN!!!

    • Lor

      Ouch!! ha….

  60. Sunshine

    I love meet the Browns I love the story line I love house of pain. Sasha is a nurse and will is a doctor so how does it make the black race look bad?!?!, if anything shows like Family Guy, American Dad, 2 in a half men and so on and so. It’s in nature for one person to play the idiot on a show. Mr. Brown is the comedian it’s a family drama comedy people!!!!!!!!!!! Duh If you watch Disney there’s always some dumb kid who doesn’t catch on or understand words. So what makes Meet the Browns so stupid… Oh yeah the fact that a African American produces the show. I love love love love it. And us as black people need to support each other more and not always saying negative things about each other. What’s not to like about it. It’s a African American family show…..

  61. Sunshine

    The devil is busy this is a Christian show you can watch it with the whole family and laugh… Whist would it be better if they was fussing, cussing and fighting…

    • Lor

      No, it would be better if it were funny!!! not silly!!

  62. Tony Hill

    I am a big fan of meet the browns, and i think that they should do another season because it,s just stupid to cancel a good tv serie because someone has problems

  63. Alicia

    I think they need to have many more seasons of Meet The Browns! That is the funniest show and who wouldn’t just love Mr. Brown? I sure do !! And I’m in several episodes as an extra in the background on the hospital Seens and I would really love to work with Tyler Perry again!!

  64. Just another black girl

    It is now 2020. Looking back at “meet the browns” reminds me of my childhood. Me and my brother would stay up until meet the browns and house of payne would come on. Those were our favorite shows. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but making a show like meet the browns into a history lesson about black men and women is not what its about. Yea we see Mr. Brown in tight clothes and his lack of speech but the point is that its suppose to be about family. His love for his daughter Cora and everyone else. Its also a comedy which means its suppose to be funny. Its not about how “we see our black men and women now and days” its just about how family can get through tough times. Meet the browns have put smiles on peoples faces because people have rough days and they go through somethings that tyler perry put inside his plays and movies. He created meet the browns as another lesson. Its not about embarrassing our black men because if u look at today’s black men they are all turning out gay. I’m not saying this as disrespect i’m saying meet the browns has nothing to do with the history of embarrassing our black men because tbh what us black people are doing is embarrassing ourselves. Like when I get older im afraid that there wont even a man for me to marry because they are turning out to not like “black women” instead they like “black men”.

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