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Is A Sequel To 'Think Like A Man' In The Works?

Posted Jan 27, 2012

You may have heard it yesterday morning on the Steve Harvey Morning Show like we did; but in case you missed it, we think President Clint Culpepper of Screen Gems (Sony) dropped a news item that he wasn’t supposed to release just yet. Well, thats the way we took it anyway.

During a conversation about the new upcoming film Think Like A Man starring Kevin Hart, Culpepper was speaking to Steve Harvey and crew when he let out that there were plans to make a sequel to the film! From Steve’s reaction, we don’t think even he knew that! Was it a slip up or was that the truth? Only time will tell.

We do know that sone of the producers of the film Will Packer and Rob Hardy (of Rain Forrest Films) both have several other projects on tap, from being involved as Founders in Bounce TV (new African American channel) to also planning a PREQUEL to the film Takers that it might seem pretty hard to squeeze that in. Especially since Hart is about to go back on tour again and shoot another film in a couple of months. We are not sure how they will find the time, but here’s hoping that they do!

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