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Is A 'Rush Hour 4' Film In The Works?!

Posted May 23, 2012

We just discovered from several sources that the Rush Hour Film franchise that starred Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan is possibly coming back with a fourth installment!

Our sources have revealed that while Jackie Chan was in France at the Cannes Film Festival (CHris Tucker was also in attendance) this week he stated “I will ask my body how long I can go. I’m not young anymore. In the future I’ll still do ‘Karate Kid 2‘, ‘Rush Hour 4‘.”

He added: “I don’t want it to happen at this moment. Probably another five or 10 years. Then will be ‘Rush Hour 4’ – boom, we’re coming back! And at that time I might retire. Us being old guys might make it a more interesting story.”

This is ahead of any news if either Tucker or Chan has seen a script or if there is even a writer. But our sources stated that there have been plans for them to come back for years but Chan has always turned down the offers from New Line, and if it was schedule for him to do it right now Chan would decline. Sources stated that if its in the works in the next couple of years he would probably change his mind.

We also discovered that Tucker is looking over some notes for the new Friday installment and will decide soon if he is going to star in that film along with Ice Cube and Mike Epps.

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