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EXCLUSIVE-Rising Star Amin Joseph Lands Lead Role For New Cinemax Project Titled The Jump Off!

Posted Sep 22, 2011
EXCLUSIVE- Rising star Amin Joseph has landed a pivitol role that is sure to make him a household name in the very near future! Joseph, who will be seen in the upcoming film titled Freelancers (also starring Robert De Niro and Forest Whitaker) and the film Soul Ties ( with Meagan Good and  Leon, directed by Tasha Smith) has landed the lead role in the upcoming Cinemax series titled The Jump Off.
The series is set in Los Angeles where it follows five successful African American men from all sorts of backgrounds as it tells the stories of their every day lives. From an athlete, to a lawyer to even a doctor, we follow Joseph’s lead character as he interacts with the other characters and how their lives all intertwine. (Stay tuned as we will have a LOT more details soon as we will have a backstage pass to their upcoming shoots, filming here in LA).
Joseph, who was previously seen in The Zane Sex Chronicles and last year’s film The Expendables (alongside Mickey Rouke, Jason Statham & Arnold Schwarzenegger) has other projects that he is circling and we will have all of the details on that soon!
Stay tuned for our Backstage Series on The Jump Off on Cinemax!

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