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EXCLUSIVE-Kevin Hart & Codeblack Entertainment Makes Comedy History With Laugh At My Pain-In Africa!

Posted Aug 21, 2011

In an unbelievable story we have just confirmed that Codeblack Entertainment and comedian Kevin Hart are about to break new ground with Kevin Hart’s new theatrical release of his new stand-up comedy feature film titled Laugh At My Pain!

We hear that Codeblack Entertainment has just entered into a multi-year distribution deal with Silverbird Cinemas, and (for those of you that are unaware)  Silverbird Cinemas is the exclusive theater chain servicing East/West Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia).  Silverbird is the exclusive distributor for Sony (Columbia Tristar Pictures) for Nigeria and Ghana.

How big is this theater chain? Well, Silverbird Cinemas has 59 screens and plans are to continue to build more theaters through out the territory, and we hear the ramp up will be in the very near future.

CodeBlack, seeking an opportunity here,  will be only the 2nd American Company to start distributing films theatrically in East / West Africa while setting out to dispel the myth that black films and entertainment do not travel overseas. If you are familiar with that story then you already know Hollywood has used the excuse for years that Black actors in general are not cast in major roles because of this so-called fact. Codeblack seems to be setting out to contradict this.

With that in mind, Kevin Hart’s Laugh at My Pain will be the first movie theatrically released via Codeblack into East/West Africa and will be the first American Stand up movie ever released in Africa- both of which are stakes in black history!

We also heard that as part of the deal Codeblack will work with Silverbird’s sister entertainment company and the government of Nigeria to bring Black American Comedians to perform live shows, and Codeblack will be the exclusive supplier and promoter to East/West Africa for the live comedy shows. An amazing feat as this has never happened before, and it looks like Codeblack will be breaking new ground in comedy history!

It should be noted that our sources have also stated that there are similar conversations happening in South Africa and in the United Kingdom!

With this new ground breaking venture it should be clearly noted that Hollywood Studios and major Promoters have not taken any steps to launch anything in Africa, and all of this can be said its largely due to statistics that supposedly state that blacks overseas do not perform well in any film or stand up features. With Codeblack Entertainment launching Laugh At My Pain in Africa in conjunction with Silverbird, all eyes in Hollywood will be on them and it’s performance.

We shall see what happens. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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