EXCLUSIVE- Eddie Murphy To Host Academy Awards!

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We just heard a serious rumor- and after calling several inside sources that have confirmed- we can state that comedian and actor Eddie Murphy will host the 84th Annual Academy Awards on February 26, 2012!

As you may already know this is the first time Murphy will be on stage performing any type of comedy since his Raw comedy tour that eventually became a film of the same title in 1987.

Murphy, who is by far the world’s biggest comedic actor, has never hosted the Academy Awards before and hasn’t even been on stage in over 20 years. With these facts, its safe to say that comedy fans all over the world who doubted that he would ever get back on stage are in for a huge surprise. Why? Well, word has leaked for several years that Murphy was going to come back to do comedy and he even confirmed this fact with Ellen Degeneres on her day time talk show, Ellen but there were still doubters even after that statement.

What better stage then the Academy Awards to showcase to the world that you are coming back and that you still got it?

We also heard through our sources that Brett Ratner is producing the Awards (Director of the Rush Hour franchise  films and the upcoming Tower Heist that Murphy is in along with Ben Stiller) and that there are going to be several more surprises.

More details soon! Leave a comment below!

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  1. ComedianStevieMack

    Congrats to Humor Mill for being the first to break the story about Eddie Murphy being slated to host the next Academy Awards!!!

  2. billy

    I have waited 20 years to see Murphy back on stage, this is great news. He will prove that he is still the funniest person on the planet.

  3. Deryl

    Well done! Thx!

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