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EXCLUSIVE-BET Preps To Launch ANOTHER Late Nite Talk Show!

Posted Sep 15, 2011

We just discovered that Black Entertainment Television is in the early stages of launching ANOTHER late night talk show format. We hear that the show may be based in Los Angeles instead of in Atlanta as The Mo’Nique Show was, and we also hear that there are interviews going on right now as they are focusing on five comedians to host.

The question that we have is who are the five comedians to host the show? To us, it’s almost obvious that they may go after the similar type of host that they had with Mo’Nique with a person like Niecy Nash or a Sherri Shepherd. They may even go after a male host, and since they love Kevin Hart so much right now, he might be in play BUT we doubt it. Hart is too busy. SO besides the obvious choices, we think that they may cast someone new. If so, who would you pick if you were them?

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