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On This Day In Comedy… In 1994 ‘The Sinbad Show’ Premiered On FOX!

Posted Apr 30, 2016


On this day in comedy on April 21, 1994, The Sinbad Show premiered on Fox.

Making its debut on September 16, 1993, this sitcom starred comedian, Sinbad as a foot-loose-and-fancy-free bachelor who adopts two issue-ridden orphans (Erin Davis, Ray J).  If he doesn’t they’ll be split up.   Can’t have that so Sinbad steps up and he helps them solve their problems, like relationships, pilfering, school, teenager life, the opposite sex, loyalty, inner-racial racism, cock-blocking, baby-sitter drama, life, etc., etc., etc.

Sinbad’s character designs video games and gets plenty of disrespect from the Ray J, but he knows it’s only because he’s protective of his younger sister, who likes, Sinbad and doesn’t want to go to another foster home.  Sinbad’s buddy, Clarence (T K Carter) pops in to impart very little knowledge, mainly because he knows none.  The show also featured Nancy Wilson and Hal Williams, with theme music by Chuck Brown.   

The Sinbad Show was cancelled after one season, with two shows left unaired.  There was controversy when Civil Rights Leader and former presidential candidate, Jesse Jackson protested the cancellation as racially motivated.   He cited the fact Roc, South Central and In Living Color were all cancelled the same season.   Fox said it was low ratings.   Race had nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, the sitcom did receive nominations Erin Davis (Young Artist Awards) and Sinbad (Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards).   

By Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton

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