Darryl 'D’Militant' Littleton Launches 'How To Be Funny: The Essential Comedy Handbook'!

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This manual will teach anybody the tools to be funny.     If you’re a comedian the contents are indispensable.     You’ll not only refine an act you can take anywhere, but learn the techniques to make adjustments when needed and maximize the tools in your arsenal to brand yourself as a multi-talented performer able to work in a multitude of situations.   You’ll also learn the invaluable lessons of once you’ve attained your success, how to maintain your success.

If you’re amongst the multitude of other non-comedic professions this book is your secret weapon.   Your sales will increase.  Your congregation will be more attentive.    Your employees will be more motivated and nobody will quite know why they like you more.  You’ll be using the same techniques and mindset of professional laugh creators and finding how much easier your endeavors will become.

Comedian / author, Darryl Littleton (aka D’Militant), illustrates how all walks of life can benefit from getting laughs: Sales People,  Lawyers, Politicians, MCs, Telemarketers, Bail Bondsmen, , Beauticians, Dentists, Office Managers, Authors / Speakers, Newscasters, Columnists, Bloggers, Clergymen, Motivational Speakers, Tattoo Artists and of course comedians.

This comprehensive guide breaks down the craft of comedy and covers The Need for Comedy, Comedy as An Art Form, Knowing the Craft, The Comedian’s Mentality, Treating Comedy As Your Job, Setting Goals, Performance Techniques, Crowd Control Methods, Secrets to Performing on the Road, Playing The Mediums, Expanding Your Talents (writing, producing, acting, radio, etc.), The Formula to Writing Hilarious Bits, How to Handle Hecklers and Joke Thieves, How to Get Gigs from Promoters / Club Owners, Auditioning Techniques, Showcases, Competitions,  Contracts, Negotiating, Branding, and more.

“How to Be Funny” is to be used as a roadmap to keep comedians and comedy minded personalities on the right path to achieving their goals.  Any person implementing these same skills can become a working professional and any working professional can gain a greater advantage.    This book is here to assist in that end.  Use what you’re about to learn and you’ll never again be without the girl, the guy, a job, friends, admirers, opportunities and a healthier, happier life.

Darryl Littleton is the former producer of BETs Comic View and sits on the advisory board of the Comedy Hall of Fame.  He’s mentored and written for over 100 comedians and is the executive produced the Robert Townsend documentary “Why We Laugh”.   That acclaimed film is based on Darryl’s book “Black Comedians on Black Comedy” which is also available at libraries, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and is taught at USC.

This career time saver is in paperback and Kindle at Amazon.com for only $7.95.   Click the image to purchase the book below!

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