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‘Da Jammies’ Animated Series Preps To Hip Hop Its Way Onto Netflix!

Posted Aug 31, 2015

There are tons of animated series out there, but more often than not each new one feels like just another rehashed story. The latest getting ready to make its debut on Netflix is da Jammies that looks to bring fresh flavor to the mix wrapped up in a hilarious animated bow.

Da Jammies follows five kids from the “Suburbs” who attend a Performing Arts middle school and meet up with a slew of fun and creative characters. The 3D animation is simplistic but well done helping it to offer up something that feels fresh without trying to overcomplicate it. They have crafted a series that looks to let the story and music do the work instead of trying to force each joke on the viewer. The music is not only a part of these characters storylines, but their lives and featured front and center with each episode. They have brought together a diverse group that helps to keep the show relatable to everyone of all ages whether you care about the hip hop culture or not. In addition to the fun songs that play off of classics and originals they bring some creative writing to the mix that makes for some funny stories and recognizable names in hip hop with some fun twists.

As if the fun of this show wasn’t already enough of a reason to check it out it features an impressive voice cast including Aulsondro ‘Novelist’ Hamilton, William ‘Dolla’ Chapman, Danielle Nicolet, Alisa Reyes, Anderson Johnson Jr., Darius McCrary, Kel Mitchell, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, Kurtis Blow, James Avery, Jamal ‘J.Naught-T!’ McCants and more. This all age show offers up things for everyone while making sure to keep it fun and entertaining.

If you love animation, hip hop and fun then be sure to check out da Jammies when it makes its debut on Netflix on September 1st.


Da Jammies

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