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Comedian Mike Epps Spoofs Richard Sherman's Rant!

Posted Jan 21, 2014

Comedian Mike Epps is at it again when it comes to dropping sketches, and this time he’s pranking the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman.

If you happened to witness the NFC championship game on Sunday then you witnessed the Seattle Seahawks defeat the San Francisco 49ers in the Championship game, with Sherman contesting a last second effort by the Niners to win the game in the end zone.

After Sherman blocked the last second pass, he immediately provoked Wide Reciever Michael Crabtree and the two got into a jawing match. A few minutes later, the cameras where in Sherman’s face and he went ballistic on the reporter Erin Edwards. Twitter went crazy, and after that many spoofs have emerged.

Check out Epps version below;

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