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Comedian Jay Pharoah Performs On Stage At The MTV Video Music Awards!

Posted Aug 25, 2014

Jay PJay Pharoah served as the de facto host of the MTV Video Music Awards performing a comedy routine — a spot usually reserved for the host. The VMAs had no official host.

He made some jokes about enjoying Ariana Grande, but feeling a little creepy about it because of her age. He referenced liking her show “”Sam and Cat” as much as his vie-year-old nephew. He pointed out that Grande is 21, joking that she should sing about being of legal age.

Pharoah’s appearance was brief. He was ostensibly there to add some comedy and give info about the Artist to Watch award, which is voted on during the show. He said he would be back later in the show.

For most of its history the VMAs had a host — often a comedian. In recent years, the show has lacked an official host but had a comedian do a monologue to kick things off. Pharoah’s performance was the shortest in that spot in recent memory.

By Dan Kinnelly

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