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Comedian Guy Torry Preps New Historical Comedy Documentary!

Posted Mar 9, 2012

We just discovered that comedian Guy Torry is currently in the process of making a comedy documentary, and this one has the potential to be one of the best to ever hit the market about urban comedy!

Why do we say that? Well, according to the conversation that Torry had on a radio show earlier titled WOVA Lounge (Women Of Vision Alliance), Torry’s documentary is going to be about showcasing comedians at a specific point in history during the early 90’s, and at that historical point of time after  the Los Angeles riots.

If you recall, in 1992 there were riots that happened in Los Angeles that stemmed from the verdict in the Rodney King trial, as the police who brutalized King were found not guilty. That verdict caused the infamous riot, which has now become one of the pivotal moments in black history and is often referred to as the “LA riots”.

So, because of that incident, one of the affects that happened to hit the entertainment industry was that the “industry” people (agents, producers, directors, etc.) did not travel to any more comedy clubs that were in urban areas of Los Angeles, which they used to do before the riots occurred.

This resulted in Torry creating a comedy night in Hollywood at The Comedy Store (which is located on Sunset Blvd. and is so-called Hollywood friendly), as the club is located in one of Hollywood’s most traveled areas. The night that Torry created was titled Phat Tuesdays, and eventually became one of the hottest nights in Hollywood to see urban comedy, which Torry also hosted  from 1995 until he eventually decided to give it up in 2005.

This documentary is supposedly going to cover all of the historical points of creating the night, the people that were eventually discovered from that night, and what urban comedy has meant since.

Torry also disclosed during the interview that he is set to film an upcoming stand up special for Showtime that he is currently preparing for.

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