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Chris Spencer Lands In New Minivan Men & Is The Hottest Podcast On Itunes!

Posted Aug 8, 2011

Comedian Chris Spencer has done it again. Not only is he writing books, producing television and quite possibly directing a film, he and fellow comedians Maz Jobrani (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Axis of Evil Comedy Tour) and Al Madrigal (The Daily Show, Conan) have created a podcast about the humorous and ever so daunting task of being a husband and a father called “Minivan Men” on Itunes.

The podcast is a complete success having reached the home page of ITunes in just two short weeks, and that feat happens because of most requested downloads. The three men (along with an occasional guest) discuss topics which range from being the minority at the rich private school, horrible pediatricians, handling the school bully to why did the sex slow down when the kids came.

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