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American Comedy Awards To Be Postponed!

Posted Feb 4, 2015

American COmedy AwardsWe discovered that the American Comedy Awards, which is an awards show presented annually recognizing performances and performers in the field of main stream comedy, with an emphasis on television comedy and comedy films, is going to be postponed this year with a possibility of returning in 2016!

Last year the show was broadcast on NBC after the last edition was presented on Comedy Central.

We were able to speak to George Schlatter personally last night at the all star tribute for Dick Gregory as he told us that “the show would come back next year but was going to take at least a year off.”

If you are unfamiliar with Schlatter, he Executive Produced and created and the American Comedy Awards which originally aired on ABC, then moved to Comedy Central for 13 years, which was finally broadcast last year on NBC.

As of this writing, there was no date given for 2016 but we were assured that the show would come back. We will see.

This story is still developing!

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