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Actor David Oyelowo Lands In A New Crime Drama With Tom Cruise!

Posted Sep 14, 2011

If you happened to see this summer’s hit films Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and The Help, then you will recognize actor David Oyelowo as he had significant parts in both films. Well, the actor has now landed another hot project with actor Tom Cruise for his new crime drama!

Check out the article from the Hollywood Reporter;

David Oyelowo is in talks to join the cast of One Shot, the Tom Cruise crime drama project.

Oyelowo is coming off of a big summer that saw him turn out a standout performance in Rise of the Planet of the Apes; he also appeared in The Help.

One Shot is a Paramount-Skydance adaptation of a 2005 Lee Child crime thriller that centers on Jack Reacher (Cruise), an ex-Army cop who gets sucked into the mystery surrounding the arrest of a sniper accused of killing five random people in a shooting.

Oyelowo will play a veteran homicide detective investigating the shooting.

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